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Christopher "Tanoro" Gray is a web programmer and science advocate especially concerned with resource management technologies, biology, and artificial intelligence. He is a student of epistemology and philosophy as well as an Atheist competent in Christian theology.
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History of Majicko and Launch of Instysite!
Posted by: Tanoro - Dec 22, 2010 1:53PM
About four years ago, I started a solo weekend project building my own PHP-based content management system. The motivation for doing this was because other CMS systems like Joomla and Drupal were all too difficult to use and I wanted a way to product a website quickly, easily, and make it look like anything I wanted. After about a year's worth of weekends, I produced Majicko 1.0.0 Beta and began using it to make my personal websites. In its use, I continued to develop the features until the CMS was reasonably refined.

In 2008, my employer at Bandwise saw my weekend project and asked me if I would be willing to sell it to the company. Knowing that I would not be able to promote such a product no my own, I accepted the offer and Majicko became my project at work. At Bandwise, over the course of two years, we produced over 100 websites with the CMS that I built, each one better than the last. During that time, I continued to learn more programming and further refined the system.

As of December 2010, Majicko 2.1.0 has launched, integrated as the primary website builder and CMS software package distributed with ever new account at my employer's new website hosting and management service, Instysite. This is the big step for me and I've been patiently waiting for my software to reach into what is potentially a global market. Up until now, we have been focused on selling my software to businesses in our local area, but now Majicko is available for general use by anyone who wants a website.


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