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Coke Kills Insects in India
Posted by: Tanoro - Nov 18, 2014 10:39AM

Chemophobic naturopaths are so inconsistent that they can't even believe their own bullshit.

Yes, soft drinks are used for controlling pestilent insects in India and other places. The critical detail that these fuck heads are leaving out is that the soft drinks are not used as poisons. Sugary liquids are effective at attracting predatory ants. Who'd'a' thunk it!? When amassed in numbers, these ants feed on insect larva, effectively keeping the crop-eating pestilent insects at a low population. This is what they are being used for and they work well enough.

If you're a fan of "natural remedies," as oppose to chemically treating crops, what more could you possibly ask for!? Your double standard is truly unbelievable. You bitch about demanding natural solutions to modern problems. You bitch about it when you're given precisely that.

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