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Anonymous E-mail - Chemtrails Again?
Posted by: Tanoro - Nov 15, 2012 9:37AM

This e-mail I received this morning was so funny that I must share.

Certainly the photo of the chemtrail pilot photo was faked. However, I note you write nothing of the ongoing spraying of biowarfare in the US and around the world, which means you are as much a fraud as the photo-shopper. Search -morgellons transhumanism'. We all have these fibers now, including you Mr. 'science advocate'. Georgia Guidestones baby, joke's on you.


Oh, silence on a given topic that is important to you makes me a fraud? How amusing. It isn't possible I simply do not know what you are describing? Does a lack of credible information worth reporting make me a fraud? It isn't possible that I have written about it and you simply missed it or that I wrote about it elsewhere on the web? It isn't possible that I simply consider myself too unstudied on that topic to discuss the matter responsibly so that I don't appear fraudulent? No no, that can't be it. I must be fraud because if I'm not the fraud, your position appears less credible, right? It doesn't matter that you're willing to admit that the guy who agrees with you is also a fraud.

Tell me, did you bother sending an anonymous e-mail criticizing David Dees for his fraudulent photo or was I the only one granted the pleasure? Did you take the time to criticize the man who legitimately makes chemtrail theorists look less credible or do you only pick on the critics who are actually right!? There was a time when I was willing to give chemtrail theorists a listening ear. Do you know what spoiled that for me? Chemtrail theorists take criticism about as well as anti-vaxxers and creationists. They refuse to answer questions honestly. They appeal to logical fallacies. They skate around honest discussion rather than actually trying to debate and then they wonder why people consider them nuttier than squirrel poop.

Your time is better spent either defending your claims with evidence or criticizing people who actually make positive claims to knowledge, especially if they agree with you and are doing a shitty job. I'm sure I'll get around to "morgellons transhumanism" eventually. My time is limited as it is and I'm not going to dedicate time into researching something by the word of one anonymous nutjob who doesn't know what "fraud" means.

About the Georgia Guidestones, they are lovely. That is all I can say about them.

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