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Third Party Debate
Posted by: Tanoro - Oct 24, 2012 1:23PM

I just finished watching the first 3rd Party Presidential Debate. Yes, my friends, we actually do have more than just two parties in our country. If, after examining Obama and Romney, you feel that you are selecting the lesser of two evils, you may consider looking at the rest of the candidates who will also be on the ballot. The debate was hosted live by RT News and moderated by TV personality, Larry King. The irony of a Russian news agency selecting to air a U.S. presidential debate aside, it was a most excellent debate having a stark contrast from what Obama and Romney presented.

At first, all of the candidates had trouble finding areas where they disagreed on the hot topics -- the ones that Obama and Romney avoid like the plague. Larry King was forced to repeatedly request rebuttal statements as all of the candidates successfully selected agreeable talking points. All of these points are widely expressed concerns to the people (i.e. college benefits, equal rights, military misuse, and corporate involvement in politics), things typically not covered during the 2-party debates. All candidates railed on the 2-party system and the mainstream media, characterizing them as a detriment to modern democracy.

Jill Stein and Rocky Anderson (the Green Party and Justice Party, respectively) delivered promises to end the War on Drugs and make college education more affordable to the youth of the country. These promises are relatively aligned with myself and my fellow supporters of the Resource Based Economy. The Green Party, in particular, supports more application of green technology and science. Jill Stein, when expressing her interest in legalizing cannabis, offered that she would instruct the DEA to utilize science in deciding which drugs are a priority.

Gary Johnson of the Libertarian Party and Virgil Goode of the Constitution Party both expressed that the country cannot afford to provide a college education. Both focused on cutting government spending everywhere possible and reigning in government corruption with congressional term limits. Virgil Goode went further and stated that he would cut all funding to Planned Parenthood and merely reduce the spending on the War on Drugs. He is not in favor of legalization and he promises not only to not provide college benefits, but he will cut what benefits we have, like the Pell Grant. His tag line was, "American jobs for Americans first," elaborating further that immigration needs to be stopped entirely because immigrants seize jobs that can be held by Americans.

Speaking for myself, this notion of term limits is absurd. The problem with term limits is that elected officials have no incentive to continue working in excellence when their final term has arrived. I often refer to the final term as the, "Hit-and-Run Agenda term," because this is the term when any consequences for initiating disagreeable agenda-based actions of which the people would not approve are minimal. They know they cannot get re-elected, so why fear the voters now? It is entirely based on the honor system at this point and politicians are a demographic not worthy of such a role. We are seeing this in Louisiana right now. Bobby Jindal waited until he was elected to his 2nd term to introduce his widely unwanted voucher program to royally destroy our already dwindling educational system.

I understand that we currently need jobs to keep the economy afloat, a topic on which I have many strong opinions. However, completely halting all access to immigration is a mistake. As physicist, Michio Kaku, points out, America has not been a leader in scientific innovation for a long time and we only remain in the game at all because of the H-1B, the occupational visa. We import experts from other countries to provide what little innovative brain power we do utilize and this is not a sustainable practice. It only gets worse when your presidential candidate wants to increase the barriers between our youth and their college education, ensuring that we are less capable of cultivating our own brain power. Virgil Goode's policies are an epic fail.

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