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Spiritual Trumpster Abuses Civil Rights Protections
Posted by: Tanoro - Oct 16, 2017 2:28PM

Here is a positively retarded story.

Man wore ‘Make America Great Again’ hat for 'spiritual' reasons when he was denied service at Village bar

There are no protections under the Civil Rights Act from political discrimination. If you walk into a bar wearing a Nazi insignia, you can be shown the door and you have no legal recourse. You can't sue a business because they objected to your political expressions while on their premises.

However, there are protections from religious discrimination. If you want to sue a store for throwing you out because you have a politically offensive hat, just lie your ass off and claim the hat is part of your religious garb. Just like that, the same laws that are suppose to protect minorities who couldn't choose their ethnicity or gender are now suddenly helping you supress the rights others have to not cater to your political views.

This is why religion shouldn't be protected in the Civil Rights Act! Your religion is whatever you say it is at the time and you don't even need to consistently adhere to it -- as with anti-choice Christians getting abortions. It puts the government in the position of having to decide if your religious belief really is a religious belief and that is opening a can of worms we don't want.

When a gay couple wants a wedding cake, right-wing evangelicals are typically the first to remind us of market pressures, boycotting, and the evils of government intereference. Practice what you preach, assholes. Ammend the Civil Rights Act to exclude protections for religion OR add protections for the LGBTQ community. You can't have it both ways.

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