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Christopher "Tanoro" Gray is a web programmer and science advocate especially concerned with resource management technologies, biology, and artificial intelligence. He is a student of epistemology and philosophy as well as an Atheist competent in Christian theology.
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The Zeitgeist Movement has Topped the Malaria Control Project!
Posted by: Tanoro - Oct 15, 2012 9:20AM

In late 2011, the AQUA@Home project ended, leaving 5,000+ members of the Zeitgeist Movement's Boinc team with nothing to do. We started as a fresh team with few members and no credit. In less than a year, TZM accumulated one of the largest teams in the project and so much productivity that it soared to the top of the entire project and remained there until the AQUA@Home project ended.

Having contributed to the advancement of quantum computing, the TZM Boinc team wanted to contribute to medical science. By September, the team had shifted gears and moved to the Malaria Control Project. Again, TZM quickly became one of the most productive teams. As of today and with just over 900 members of the Boinc team contributing, TZM has taken the #1 place within the Malaria Control Project as well, overtaking the Dutch Power Cows who are now in the #2 spot. Congratulations are in order.

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