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Christopher "Tanoro" Gray is a web programmer and science advocate especially concerned with resource management technologies, biology, and artificial intelligence. He is a student of epistemology and philosophy as well as an Atheist competent in Christian theology.
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Neil Armstrong: What Else is There to Say?
Posted by: Tanoro - Aug 30, 2012 8:54AM

I feel as though I am a little late to this party and I considered not showing up. Still, I need to pay my respects. I'm a little short on words though. Neil Armstrong was a great man and took humanity a step forward and that step will never be forgotten. The iconic photo of man's first boot print in the lunar soil is a testament that will be immortalized in our age of information and media that had not yet emerged when that step was taken. Neil Armstrong will be missed.

I do have a rather fascinating stroke of serendipity to share. The Apollo 11 mission landed on the lunar surface just after 8pm on July 20, 1969, my mother's birthday. Neil Armstrong was born on August 5, 1930, which is my birthday. That rocks -- moon rocks.

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