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I Attended the 2nd Pharyngula Podcast
Posted by: Tanoro - Jun 30, 2012 3:07PM

I had a blast this morning. I normally sleep in on my weekends (until someone calls or my cat pounces on me), but I had to get up reasonably early this morning because I wanted to attend PZ Myers' second Pharyngula podcast. PZ was inviting anyone who wanted to attend and opening up the mic for anyone to share the tale of their favorite creationist anecdotes. There was some technical issues in the beginning related to Google+, so we were 22 minutes late getting started, but it was a delightful discussion and I hope PZ will allow me to attend another one in the future. Don't worry about the technical issues, PZ. It happens all the time. You should see the trouble we have with our show, which is currently on hiatus due to (ahem) technical problems.

I added my anecdote near the end of the discussion, sharing my encounter with a creationist who thinks the Bible was written by Moses. Watch the show to hear the details, but pay attention to PZ's reaction! PZ stutters and twitches as the absurdity sinks in! I could tell he wanted to hunt down that creationist and set her straight. :)

On a side note, Russell Glasser of the Atheist Experience, the very show responsible for my being an Atheist, also attended. I have had some interaction with their group in the past by e-mail and Facebook. They're a delightful bunch and I'd love the opportunity to drive up to Austin and have dinner with them one evening, especially if Aron Ra is in town.

Russell made a small criticism of "the Zeitgeist people," which naturally prompted me to digress a little and mention that I'm a member of the movement. Russell offered to ridicule me later and I happily accept his scrutiny in discussion about any topic, including Zeitgeist. I added him on Facebook and will open a discussion with him once he accepts. More on this later.

On another side note, I was intent on steering clear of discussing 9/11 conspiracies, which I'm sure PZ would not have wanted on his show anwyay, but I explicitly criticized "conspiracy nuts" in TZM. I won't name names, and never do, but facts are facts. We do have conspiracy nuts in TZM. We have AIDS denialists, germ theory denialists, climate change denliasts, chemtrail wack-o-loons, anti-vaxxers, and everything except creationists (as far as I've seen). I can't draw any conclusions for myself on 9/11, but there are definitely conspiracies nuts among 9/11 truthers who do and they're as crazy as the rest.

Could I be wrong about these groups? I absolutely can be, but I don't happen to think I am. I am open to discuss that too, so long as the discussion is honest and direct. I didn't always have beef with AIDS denialists or anti-vaxxers, but I criticize them openly now because their arguments are among the most dishonest pseudo-logical mumbo-jumbo conceivable. At present, if you're a conspiracy buff in TZM, most especially if you reject any of the major understandings of science, I will challenge you at every turn and I am not apologetic about that.

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