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Christopher "Tanoro" Gray is a web programmer and science advocate especially concerned with resource management technologies, biology, and artificial intelligence. He is a student of epistemology and philosophy as well as an Atheist competent in Christian theology.
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Class A Censor
Posted by: Tanoro - Jun 28, 2013 7:30PM

Normally, I prefer to reserve my blog space for topics interesting to wider audiences, but I have a statement to make on principle and it involves criticizing a person in particular and their willingness to win arguments to ensuring only their side of the story is allowed to be told.

Recently, I posted a screenshot from a Facebook wall post from someone who was, until recently, on my friend list. He is a vegan who had reached the limit of his willingness to tolerate civil discussion on the matter. Choosing instead to cease any and all discussion on this topic once and for all, he posted this and began deleting posts on the topic that he declared too immoral to be there.

Those of you who regular my blog or Facebook wall know how I am about censorship. Once you present a platform for open discussion to the public, you are somewhat obligated to do so responsibly and fairly. I demand open and civil discussion on all topics, which includes honest and constructive criticism. If you don't want to be criticized for what you say in public, don't say stuff in public. I hold myself to this standard and welcome anyone to challenge me on anything I say, so long as you're civil about it. I am offended by people who pretend to allow discussion in their online channels and then begin removing content that they find personally disagreeable. After having removed me from his friends list for having such a disagreement in another thread, Thomas appears in the comments under this photo this morning accusing me of having psychological issues and making numerous sexually explicit statements. I considered reporting him on the spot, but Facebook doesn't appear to have a visible report function for comments on photos. I was at work and in no position to deal with trolling properly, so I let it slide.

I did, however, justify my response in the comments under this screenshot. Yes, I left Thomas' name and thumbnail clearly visible on it and did so on purpose. You will never see me reveal the source of my criticisms by name if made in private, but statements made in public places are fair game just as any public figure is subject to scrutiny and criticism for what they do in public. I usually cover the name anyway, but I may be disinclined to be so courteous for individuals whose criticisms involve fortifying themselves from criticisms.

I considered the matter closed and continued with my day until I logged in to Facebook this evening and was issued a notification that my account was suspended for a few hours (apparently while I was at work and not even using it) and the above photo was removed. I am able to login just fine now, but I was instructed to review Facebook's Community Guidelines. I did and found no application preventing this response. I will be issuing an appeal to see if Facebook, presumably having some principles about them, will put the content back. Until then, I will continue to stand by my statement, because I back down from evidence and reasoned argument -- not absurdities.

Thomas, you're a Class A censor, an opponent of free speech, and still failed to silence my criticism of your exhibiting this behavior. Nice try and better luck next time.

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