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Freethought Blogs is Eating Youtube Atheist Bloggers!
Posted by: Tanoro - Jun 22, 2012 2:06PM

Oh my Flying Spaghetti Monster! Freethought Blogs is heating up this week. We just celebrated the arrival of Youtube vlogger Aron Ra. His online discussion with a creationist he met at the Reason Rally was suppose to have happened last night. Regrettably, I was held up away from home at the time (no, I didn't go out for pizza anyway), so I was unable to listen to it. I checked Aron's archive at BlogTV this morning as well as his Youtube channel and blog. If the discussion happened as planned, I was unable to find it anywhere. Aron is in the habit of uploading all of his video footage to his Youtube channel, so I'm not too worried. Those of us who missed it will get the chance to see it. Aron is suppose to be appearing on the Magic Sandwich show this weekend where the special guest is Peter Hadfield, aka Potholer54, host of the annual Golden Crocoduck Award and the Science Made Easy series. I am excited about this. Don't miss it!

But there is more! FTB, as of this week, has also been joined by another popular Youtuber, Thunderf00t. For those of you who don't know him, Thunderf00t, aka Dr. Phil Mason, is a scientist known for his Why do People Laugh at Creationists series. Like Aron, his video style is quite abrupt with scientific knowledge explained in ways anyone can understand. Unlike Aron, Thunderf00t is known for his poetic expressions of admiration for science and philosophy in addition to his willingness to get into mathematical details and demonstrate his experiments for us on-camera. Those of you who have seen Aron's encounter at the Reason Rally with the two creationist protestors, Thunderf00t is the guy who snuck up behind Aron and affectionately stole his hat. Thunderf00t is also known for having interviewed Ray Comfort, members of the Westboro Baptist Church, and he was largely responsible for the fall of popular Youtube evangelist VenomfangX..

But wait! There is more still! FTB has also manage to land another Youtuber known to the aforementioned bloggers. Cristina Rad, aka ZOMGitsCriss, has begun blogging today, so to speak. Her videos on Youtube are more about pitting herself against anti-science, pseudo-science, anti-evolution, and anti-atheist rhetoric where she poses the claim and then presents her reasoned arguments. Cristina can be quite funny and charming as well as remarkably intelligent, hence her popularity. She has also done some wonderful activism work which landed her a spot as one of the speakers at the Reason Rally this year. Her first blog, which is sort of a misnomer in this case, contains nothing more than an introduction video. I look forward to - ahem - reading your future blogs, Cristina.

But wait! It is like Christmas around here and we're still not done! Not to be out-done by all of these familiar faces popping up around him, and to add further irony to FTB eating most of our favorite Youtubers, PZ Myers is releasing the Kracken on Youtube as well and has begun hosting the Pharyngula podcast (which is also somewhat of a misnomer since the "podcast" includes video of PZ and his guests). So everyone, head over to PZ Myers' Youtube channel and subscribe him up to the level of his fellow FTB bloggers.

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