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Game of Thrones Put Bush's Head on a Pike
Posted by: Tanoro - Jun 14, 2012 7:29PM

The HBO hit show, Game of Thrones, is under political fire with Republicans demanding someone's head on a stick. Wait, no! That's what they're upset about.

Producers of the show admitted that, in the 10th episode, a scene showing several decapitated heads on pikes contained a head resembling George Bush. The choice was not intended as a political statement. They were just using what heads they had at the time. Now, Republicans are up in arms and demanding the boycott of the show. HBO apologized and said this was unacceptable.

Personally, I think Bush never looked better. In all seriousness, the Republicans are losing their damn minds. Obviously, the producers did nothing wrong, because no one ever would've noticed if they hadn't pointed this out. They changed the hair and turned the face outward so that no one could tell. The outrage is absurd. HBO, you owed no such apology, so shame on your for being too soft to bat-shit crazy people.

I am suddenly reminded of the scene from V for Vendetta when Deitrich uses a Chancellor Sutler look-alike in a hysterical comedy routine. He was later attacked by Sutlers men and executed. Tyrants seriously have no sense of humor.

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