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Get Douglas Mallette to Caux Switzerland 2012
Posted by: Tanoro - May 29, 2012 9:12PM

Douglas Mallette, former NASA engineer and producer of the RBE-promotional video, Awakening, needs our help. A few years ago, he represented RBE-proponents at the Caux Initiative for Changes in Switzerland as a guest lecturer. He has since started the RBE-based aquaponics business, Cyber Farm Systems. He has now been requested to attend the Caux once again, but he is in need of funding to do so.

Douglas is an excellent speaker and having him represent the advocates of the Resource Based Economy is more than worth a few bucks out of our pocket. I will be donating shortly, so I encourage everyone else to help. Every little bit helps and every step toward the Resource Based Economy counts renders shorter this mile journey.

Hello everyone,

I know this is short notice, but I did not receive word on this opportunity until just yesterday (even though I inquired about it over 2 months ago).  Nevertheless, it seems that the Initiatives of Change Conference in Caux, Switzerland is interested in having me back, and I have only 2 weeks to get things set up.

The conference is from July 17th to the 23rd.  This time, it would be more as a workshop host than it would be as an "on stage" presenter, which is fine, because Caux is set up to be more user friendly to workshops than formal lectures anyway.  I know this because as some of you may know, I went to Caux a few years ago and learned how this conference operates.  I also made some great connections there, connections that led to future speaking opportunities (like Liverpool at the School for Changemakers) where I could introduce people to the RBE concept.  I also made connections that have and will be helpful in the future to CFS, my company Cybernated Farm Systems, which is RBE minded.

This conference can serve multiple purposes.  I have supporters who like what I'm doing with CFS.  This will benefit that.  I also have supporters who like what I do when it comes to how I explain what the RBE system is all about.  This will benefit that as well.

Another key aspect here is that since I have been to Caux before, I am fortifying existing connections and hope to develop new ones.  This is very important if we plan to actually do things in the world that move humanity to the next level.  Networking, familiarity and face to face recognition are social characteristics that are important to the message of what we advocate.  I am honored to have the chance to do so...if my supporters can make it happen of course.

And there is an added element this time, which I hope you will understand and agree with.  I have been encouraged to bring my wife this time.  Although my wife understands her absence on the trips I've taken in the past, to lecture on the RBE and Global Sustainability, it makes sense this time for her to accompany me, and I have a specific reason for wanting her along.

April is my "behind the scenes" inspiration in many ways...though she never realizes it.  I want to include her because she is the "left brain" to my "right brain" analysis of things, and a place like Caux has both types of people, and given the format of the conference, she can reach just as many people in her way that I can reach in mine.

So to be blunt...with this particular venue, we can reach more people as a pair than I can as an individual.  She may not be the "on stage" personality type that I am, but for this particular conference, that doesn't matter.  She can still talk about what life in the RBE could be like from the perspective of a mom and family woman, something we rarely seem to touch on in our lectures and presentations about the RBE system.  I think that's important and I hope you will too.  I don't plan to bring her on every trip I take in the future.  Not all conferences work for this idea, and that would be near impossible anyway, but I would like her to come with me on this one if it can be done.

Now to the numbers...basically we'll need $5000 to make this happen.  This covers airfare and the week long conference stay for both of us.  This is no small chunk of change, and even though I have many connections online, very few people have actually helped me get to speaking events in the past.  If half my followers on Facebook and Google+ just gave $3 that would cover it, but that never happens.  It's usually just about 20 people who do the amazing deed of helping me do these things, and I don't think I can ever thank you enough for that (you know who you are).  This time though, 20 people won't cut it.  For it to be reasonable per person, we're looking at at least 100 to 150 people who like this idea and are able to contribute.  That part is out of my hands.

With that all said, if we get halfway there, I can still make the trip alone as I did last time, and I will do so.  This opportunity is too important to miss out simply because I can't get enough help to bring my wife along to help reach more people.  I hope she can come, but not everything rides on it.

As for how to contribute, it's very simple:

1.  Email me at tzmsocialevolution@gmail.com and in the subject, put CAUX TRIP CONTRIBUTION.

2.  Let me know how much you want to contribute and I will note it in a spreadsheet.

3.  I will not officially ask for a dime until I reach the minimum goal of $2500.  Only then will I give the required information to the people who said they will donate...using PayPal of course.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  You do NOT have to have a Paypal account. I will give you an email address that is associated with my account. You use that email on Paypal to submit the transfer of funds...but you don't need a Paypal account yourself.

4.  After that I will continue to request funding to try and reach the $5000 mark, but I will go back to taking names and amounts.  As before, I will not ask people to actually submit their donation until I reach the next milestone of another $2500, giving the total of $5000.  At that point we are done, everything is covered, and the fund raising will be over.

And this all has to happen in the next 2 weeks.  It can ONLY happen if word gets out, if people share this note where ever they wish, and if people see merit in this opportunity.  I am at the mercy of the people who think that what I do is valuable to advancing the world to a better situation.  And as usual, I do this without making a dime...I just need travel costs covered...that's it.

Now to be perfectly honest, I know the time frame on this is such short notice that I don't think it will happen, but then again I have been surprised in the past by the people who support what I do.  I know that I am asking a lot this time because I want to try and include April on this trip.  But as I just said, you all have surprised me in the past, so I might as well give it a shot.  The only certainty is that if I don't ask, nothing will happen.

Thanks for your support in advance, and if you can't contribute (I know times are tough), if you just help by getting this information out there and someone you know can help, you've done a lot.

Douglas Mallette

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