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Social Networking Updated on My Blog
Posted by: Tanoro - May 13, 2012 12:33PM

I finally got around to updating one of the components on my blog. Formerly, the bottom of my blogs had five of the simplest and most out of date sharing widgets for what were the major social networks back when I originally wrote that component of my CMS system (about 3 years ago).

Now, I have gotten up to date. I have dropped Delicious and StumbleUpon and added much more up-to-date counter-based widgets for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Digg, and Reddit. Now, I'll be able to tell which is my blogs are popular.

In the past, I have allowed commenting on my blogs using the built-in comment system. This became more trouble than it was worth. I don't want people to need to register for membership on my website in order to comment on blogs. I tweaked the comment system to allow anonymous posts, but this became a slug fest with spam bots. The only middle ground I can work with at the moment is to integrate with Facebook, Twitter, and maybe Reddit so members of these social networks can comment. I will get around to this eventually. But for now, start clicking my share buttons!


There was one other thing that bugged the living crap out of me about my blog site and this change will probably be added to a future release of my CMS system, Majicko. A fundamental of database programming is calling on records by their unique auto-incrementing record ID numbers. This is what you were seeing in the address bar when you viewed one of my blogs.


In this example, the PHP script would be told to query for record #30 in the database and parse it into a web page so blog #30 could be viewed in someone's browser. It is technical and complicated, but that's the short version. This is standard practice for dynamic web page development, but it is also very unfriendly and search engines (i.e. Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.) are unimpressed by it. Now that I have updated my social network integration, I am going to start using the social networks to increase coverage for my blog. That means I need addresses that are descriptive of the content on the page. This has become common practice for news websites and blog archives all over the Internet.

Now, if you view a blog anywhere on the website, you'll see something like this.


This is what people like to see. This is what search engines like to see. This is what social networks like to see. The string of numbers at the beginning is nothing for a time stamp (in this example, it's 05/13/2012). I added this for a few reasons. Most pressingly, I am anticipating at some point in the future the possibility of having two blogs with the same title. Now, I can be happy with how the blog addresses look.

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