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Scam Artist Called my Cell
Posted by: Tanoro - May 10, 2013 1:29PM

I just received a very amusing phone call on my cell phone.

My cell phone rings, showing this phone number in Washington DC: (202)210-0054. I answer and end up speaking to a woman with a foreign accent and a suspiciously American-sounding name. She explains that the government has selected a series of "good citizens" to receive a $9,000 grant from the Federal Reserve that may be used for education, buying a home, etc. etc and doesn't need to be paid back. She asked for which of these I'd likely use the money. I replied, "If it is legit, I'd probably buy a house."

I began posing questions about who her employer is and her position with them. I half expected her to give me a blanket statement like saying, "I work for the government," which would have turned into a conversation about which agency. I would have laughed in her ear if I could've gotten her to admit to working for the U.S. Department of the Interior.

Instead, she asks me to hold while she transfers me to her supervisor. Rather than actually switching lines or placing me on hold to await the answer of her obviously busy supervisor, she literally hands the phone to a man (also with a foreign accent and an American name) who was apparently standing by and awaiting his queue.

The man informs me that they are prepared to send me the $9,000, but cannot do so by mailing a check. Government regulations only permitted payment by bank account information, credit card information, Western Union, and so on. They must be on different regulations than the IRS. He offered to give me a callback phone number and a reference number. Naturally, I am already convinced it is a scam, but I wanted to see how obvious this dumbass would make it.

I asked, "How do I determine the legitimacy of this offer?" Having no answer, of course, he simply repeated that he was prepared to send the $9,000 and asked if I wanted the callback number. I replied that I was not interested if he couldn't answer my question. I repeated the question, "How do I establish that this offer is legitimate?"

I heard him take the phone away from his mouth and scoffed, "Mother fucker wasting our time!" He hangs up. I pat myself on the back knowing that I am smarter than this man who actually is a mother fucker, figuratively speaking, but feel a little bad knowing that he is going to spend the remainder of the day doing this bullshit to others.

I am not certain that this complaint is the same scam, but it is definitely close enough to compel me to believe that it is:

Incidentally, some people are wondering what to do about this. Well, one of the things that can be done is posting about it online as I am doing. Hopefully, people will search up the phone number and find this blog. Another thing that I will be doing later and lookup the carrier of the above phone number (who I think is Verizon) and reporting that one of their customers is using their service to commit fraud.

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