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Christopher "Tanoro" Gray is a web programmer and science advocate especially concerned with resource management technologies, biology, and artificial intelligence. He is a student of epistemology and philosophy as well as an Atheist competent in Christian theology.
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Canada has got the Right Idea!
Posted by: Tanoro - Apr 13, 2012 9:35AM

Canada is doing some interesting things with their money lately. Not only have they stopped producing pennies, but they are instituting a very interesting new quarter design showcasing their scientific acheivements. I am actually jealous.

The creature we are seeing here is the pachyrhinosaurus lakustai, a dinosaur discovered in Alberta, Canada by Charles Sternberg in 1946. This is the first prehistoric animal ever to be printed on money. But wait! That's not all this quarter does! Look at this.

That's right. This quarter glows in the dark, showcasing the pachyrhinosaurus lakustai skeleton. These coins were apparently made in such a way that this display couldn't wear off. I think this not only makes a visually pleasing piece of monetary art, but is actually functional enough to be easily visible in the dark.

While I was reading about this story, I had a thought. Before I explain it, I want to illustrate my point and show off a little by presenting this.

As many of you know, I am a member of the Zeitgeist Movement. As such, I have a fascination with the history of money. Framed and on my wall are a pair of silver certificates. These are true United States dollars, not Federal Reserve notes! The $1 bill on top is from the 1957 series and bears the phrase, "In God We Trust," on its back side. The $5 bill is from a much early series and, as you can see, does not have any religious references on its back.

Here is my thought as it relates to the Canadian quarter and I say this to my fellow Atheist science advocates. If you are one of the militant types advocating for the removal of "In God We Trust" from the money, perhaps we're going about it the wrong way by wanting the government to simply remove it. This is especially since we're a minority in this country. It seems to always be better to present a better idea in place of bad ideas. I think the Canadians have it right. Let's instead advocate for science and educational displays on our money. As many of us contend, education sucks in the United States and the amount of irrational public distrust in science is increasing. We graduate far fewer scientists than most other first world nations. I think it is time we consider promoting education on our patriotic symbols.

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