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Sell the Watch, Hire a Graphic Artist
Posted by: Tanoro - Apr 7, 2012 2:26PM

Once again, the church is making us all proud by having their leaders show off how wealthy they are on the flock's dime and making it better by demonstrating their degree of blatant dishonesty.

Bloggers recently begun criticizing Patriarch Kirill of the Russian Orthodox Church when, in a 2009 photo, a rather expensive watch was noticed on his wrist. PZ Myers, of the Pharyngula blog, expresses my sentiment perfectly.

I can think of little that's more worthless than spending the entirety of a middle-class working person's yearly salary on an ostentatious geegaw that has no function that isn’t served as well as a $10 throwaway or the ubiquitous cell phone...no function other than showing off that you're more profligately wealthy than anyone else, that is.


That's it, exactly. Expensive watches serve no purpose except to express that you are better than everyone else. To me, they represent the height of cheesy arrogance and materialism. After bloggers begun pointing out this braggery, editors for the website were tasked with airbrushing the watch from the photo. Good job, Church officials! A PR tragedy narrowly averted.

But wait! Look at the edited draft (on the right) more closely.

What the hell is that? The editor failed to remove the watch's reflection on the table. Damn you, Lemon Pledge! Forget what I said earlier. This job was not good at all, even within the realms of dishonesty. So not only is the Russian Orthodox church clearly misusing funds by allowing for the ostentatious wealth of its leaders, but they suck at covering it up. Maybe they should take some advice from Pope Benedict, a man infamous for his skills at bunkering even the worst PR bombshells.

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