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Jesse Meriwether Speaks Out Against Media Crap
Posted by: Tanoro - Apr 5, 2012 2:45PM

Wow! I am impressed. I can honestly say that I can't name any fashion models or actresses that I particularly like as a person. All we are ever shown in the magazines and media are their professional photographs and recordings, which tell me nothing about what there is to like beyond what the camera lens can make of them. For a long time, I've known very well what graphic artists and photographers do to make models look way better than they really do. I have the professional advantage of having photoshop and the requirement to occasionally retouch photos myself for websites. I know not to trust what I see in the media right down to the pixel.

However, model and actress, Jesse Meriwether is setting a new standard for her craft. I don’t think Jesse has appeared in any major motion films, but she has done some commercials for very well-known products and apparently some fashion ads.

So what is this new standard she is setting that has compelled me to take notice? Jesse Meriwether recently added a page to her professional website stating that she had learned about an incident that occurred last year involving a young girl committing suicide over poor self image. Unfortunately, I was not able to identify where the incident took place or who the young girl was. Being a professional in the arts, Jesse took this as an opportunity to demonstrate just how fake beauty really is.

The new page on Jesse's website shows two photos of her. One shows a quality draft done by a talented photographer that included a caption describing what all was done to erase the natural imperfections visible of Jesse's appearance. The other photo shows Jesse playing her Wii in a much more normal setting and looking very different. The page states quite explicitly that the standards of beauty you see in the media, magazines, and movies do not exist and it is not fair to one's self to use such media in comparison to self.

Jesse Meriwether, you have my sincerest respect and I hope to hear you speak out more and more on this issue. Good luck in your career as well.

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