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Chris Forbes vs Zeitgeist, Addendum
Posted by: Tanoro - Mar 16, 2010 8:26AM

I have an addendum to add to the points made in this blog. I was thinking about what Peter Joseph said in the Zeitgeist movie. Peter said, "When you weigh all the evidence, it is very likely the figure known as Jesus never actually existed." I thought to myself, "How does one scientifically verify a historic person's existance?"

For most of us, it's easy. Everyone in our society is given a marked grave and records indicate where our burial remains can be located. Burial remains, I think, are fairly compelling evidence that we existed if they can be identified. Even the pharohs of ancient Egypt got some pretty flamboyant monuments with their remains inside.

We also have photographic evidence for anyone born after the invention of the camera. There is also a little known practice of creating facial molds of known celebrities and public figures. We have facial molds, also known as "death masks," of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. Creative works left behind by a historic figure are also compelling evidence of their existance (i.e. Da Vinci's paintings).

Some would say being mentioned numerous times in numerous writings of the time would verify your existance, but this is neither irrefutable, nor scientific. We have countless writings attributing like actions to God himself, but this is not evidence that he exists. As such, writings that simply mention Jesus are not evidence just as writings that mention Merlin, Hercules, or Perseus are not evidence they physically existed.

Now, what do we have as evidence of Jesus Christ? Do we have his burial remains? No. We have the Shroud of Turin, but there's no evidence that it's even authentic as the Vatican will not allow it to be tested. The one time pieces were allowed to be cut from the shroud and analyzed by carbon dating, the shroud was found to be only about 700 years old (an obvious fake). This test was later found to be erroneous, but no further testing was done. We simply have no burial remains of the man!

Do we have any photographs or molds? Obviously not as Jesus was around before these practices. Do we have any writings or creative works attributed to Jesus himself? No, we only have the gospels and they are known to have been written by others, not by Jesus. So there is a total lack of evidence that Jesus existed. Coming from a scientific point of view, that would lead me to conclude he doesn't exist. So why does Chris Forbes and other such scholars continue to conclude that Jesus does exist without ANY evidence? They're obviously biased and not using a scientific point of view. Therefore, their opinions backed by scholastic reputation and scientific status is rendered utterly invalid.

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