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Why TYT Loses Gamer Subs
Posted by: Tanoro - Feb 16, 2017 10:29AM

This is a blog specifically to the staff and crew of The Young Turks. I've watched you guys for years. I don't always agree with you on every topic and I'm not a fan of your recent decision to advertise for Squarespace at the beginning of your video segments. However, I know I watch the show for free and the money has to come from somewhere. But I digress.

You guys, particularly Cenk, have a history of rubbing the gamer culture the wrong way by trying to "talk nothing" about it. By that, I mean you have very little perspective to share on the topic of gaming culture, so you simply talk into the ether with basically nothing to say and/or try to veer off the subject. It comes off condescending, as if this culture isn't worth looking at or -- at the very least -- interviewing someone who is a part of it.

PewDiePie is a component of the gaming culture and you've done no better to him. You did your news segment on what the Wall Street Journal said about him. You put your papers down -- a news reporting mannerism I often attribute to mean the editorial segment has arrived. You delivered an editorial when you didn't entirely know what was going on and trailed off on how we're becoming desensitized to the holocaust. Ok? Are we at least going to throw a little skepticism at the WSJ? Did PewDiePie say what WSJ says he did? Not even explored at all! I dare say you lost some subscribers due to that fumble, TYT. You had a chance to go at the throat of real fake news in the mainstream media and you trailed off on illustrating the horrors of concentration camps.

What the WSJ won't tell you is that many of the actions and quotes by PewDiePie were in satire of the media calling him an anti-Semite. Yes, that's right. The media started this. He put on a Nazi costume and criticized the media for throwing that word around. The WSJ cut that clip out of its context and presented it as anti-Semitic. The dishonesty was unbelievable, TYT! The two Indians he hired to hold up the "Death to all Jews" sign had a context too, but you didn't look into that either. This story left your viewers unsatisfied that the facts were fairly presented.

I look forward to seeing you examine this story further and go after the WSJ for this fraud in an upcoming segment.

As for my casual readers, I don't care what your opinion of TYT is. I have many news sources of varying reliability. I have a process for how I vet their reliability and I know when and where to place factual weight vs opinion pieces. No sources are perfect. Some are more willing to bend to viewer critique than others. And don't even THINK of recommending Alex Jones to me. I despised this ass hat long before TYT was even a thing.

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