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How the Left can Abuse Money in Politics
Posted by: Tanoro - Feb 16, 2017 2:45PM

I'm an adamant opponent of money in politics. I believe corporations are not people. I believe Citizens United engaged a pseudo-aristocracy whose purpose was to suppress the democratic vote -- not by regulation -- but by building American politics as such a dirty shit show that the people just don't care enough to vote anymore.

However, as John Oliver demonstrated with FIFA, money in politics is something that can be leveraged. It is a terrible power, but it is one the people can use so long as we're not too exasperated to politicize our consumer spending and, believe me, I know the feeling. It is my opinion that Trump has engaged in any one of a dozen abuses of power to warrant impeachment during his first few weeks, but the man who would be responsible to drawing up impeachment proceedings has been brown nosing Trump throughout his campaign. Paul Ryan is classically "party first, nation second," but he has donors too. If he turns a deaf ear to them, he will be replaced when his seat comes up again.

Top donors for Paul Ryan (which conveniently overlap with a lot of Republicans in Congress) include Bank of America, Nike Inc, Pfizer Inc, Apple Inc, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, and others. I hereby suggest that we, as the political left, fight fire with fire until such a time we have the means to put it out. We should reach out to these companies and plea to them to hold Paul Ryan to his duties and not play party politics. If Trump has broken laws, it is his moral duty to pursue those charges. If the donors will do this for the people, what happened to Nordstrom can and will happen for them as well. Otherwise, our money can just as easily be spent somewhere else.

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