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Christopher "Tanoro" Gray is a web programmer and science advocate especially concerned with resource management technologies, biology, and artificial intelligence. He is a student of epistemology and philosophy as well as an Atheist competent in Christian theology.
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Aron Ra on the Side Show
Posted by: Tanoro - Jan 31, 2012 9:43AM

I am officially excited! Frank Lee Seaux, my co-host at the Side Show, has scheduled one of my favorite Youtubers as our special guest on our next episode of the Side Show. Join us this Sunday, Feb 5 at 6pm central when we discuss the application of the science method for social concern and the fallacy of faith with...Aron Ra!

Aron Ra is a student of paleontology at the University of Texas and the producer of the Foundational Falsehoods of Creationism series on Youtube. He is a very outspoken Atheist and advocate of science and reason as well as separation of church and state. He has appeared on the Atheist Experience and is a regular on the Magic Sandwich Show.


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