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Why are the politicians proud?
Posted by: Tanoro - Jan 27, 2012 1:58PM

I saw the following graphic on Facebook just now and thought it begs a statement.

I totally love the analogy. This is exactly how Washington operates and you can see it in the numbers. However, a reality check is needed in response to the conclusion. Voting out the politicians implies two things: 1. We have backups ready to fix everything; 2. For whatever reason, the backups are not already in office. Do we see the absurdity there yet?

"Because if everything is really the fault of politicians, where are all the bright, honest, intelligent Americans who are ready to step in and replace them? Where are these people hiding? The truth is, we don't have people like that. Everyone's at the mall, scratching his balls and buying sneakers with lights in them. And complaining about the politicians." ~George Carlin

Now, I am not in complete agreement with George Carlin's conclusion here. We certainly have people here in the U.S. who are prepared to step up and fix it all. Unfortunately, the people don't want that. In order for the system to work, the people must have smart, collective decisions and this requires a good education and intellectually motivated people. That just isn't the United States.

Americans want to have their cake and eat it too. They don't want to actively participate in the process, but they are willing to sneer when the people THEY put into office can't do it right. It is the classic American double standard.

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