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Barkley the Secret Service Dog!
Posted by: Tanoro - Jan 26, 2012 9:41AM

Good news! I am now a published iPhone app developer! A few months ago, a customer contracted my employer to produce an iphone app for a new interactive children's book series called "Barkley the Secret Service Dog." It was a team project and it turned out well. I have worked on a few iphone apps before, but all were cut short before getting published.

I am still far too green at objective C to do anything complicated, but I am learning fast. My specific role in developing this app was provisioning the app throughout development and handling all interactions with Apple during the final stages of getting the app into the App Store. The original creators of the series handled writing the story and providing the artwork: the content.

Last week, the app was finally finished. I completed the registration for the new app last week and it appeared in the app store this morning. We are anticipating more from the Barkley series, so watch the app store.

Barkley the Secret Service Dog

Download Barkley the Secret Service Dog: The Case of the Purple Diamonds.

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