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No Respect!
Posted by: Tanoro - Jan 26, 2009 3:55PM

Hey, time for another rant! As usual, the following is meant as an expression of my personal feelings. If what I have to say offends you in any way, I'm in no position to care. Deal with it!

I am so freaking tired of the local anime club. There is no appreciation or respect for me there. Few people from there actually choose to associate with me. I've been told by some that my presense makes people feel uneasy and even scared. Why the hell is that?! I'm a sweet, honest, and loving person who has never...EVER...hurt anyone in my life. Why do people choose to dislike me?

As for the appreciation thing, the club is making me so sick I could throw up. When I joined the anime club last year, I noticed the website was flat HTML and no one ever had time to update it. As a professional webmaster, I took it upon myself to design a whole new layout with my CMS system (the one you're looking at right now). I kept the overall design reminicient of the old version, but the update was unbelievable. I also chipped in free web hosting and moved the forum to my server where it became substantially more efficient. I thought I did pretty good.

Shortly after that, the criticism started. They started wanting custom scripting done. I had no problem with that as that was part of the deal as me being the webmaster. I was proud to share my talents. They asked for a library, a new template, a chat room, and a few other things. I spent weekends coding the library for them (for free, mind you). They didn't like the first version, so I had to do it a second time. This made me late for my deadline on the new template. I started seeing some heat over that. When I finally got to the template, the cooperation totally stopped. I asked several times for instructions on what they wanted, but got nothing from the club's leadership except facepalms and a stupid drawing showing generally what they had in mind. A drawing isn't enough, people! The template never got far because I couldn't get any further instruction. I got blamed, of course.

I cranked out the chat room easily enough, but when I tried to get authorization to launch it, the club leadership stopped responding to me entirely. The members continued to ask me where the chat room was. All I could say was that it was awaiting approval from the officers.

After a final disagreement with the entire leadership body, I decided I no longer needed the stress and quit my position in the club. It just wasn't fun anymore. The club leadership thoroughly ruined that. I told them to move the site elsewhere and if they wanted to keep the copy of the software legal, they'd need to buy a copy. Here recently, the club leadership and their new de facto "webmaster" opted to switch the website over to Drupal with some 3rd party template design, with which I have no problems.

However, what thoroughly pisses me off is that NOW the praises are flying left and right for this guy who did less than a day's work installing a piece of crap free software and a rip template. I actually spent weekends coding for the club and I saw far more criticism than praise. Not to mention everything I did was tossed right into the trash. I've been coding websites for 10 years. I'm extremely hurt and offended by this outrage! Oh well, the club will fail soon enough. I have already foreseen its demise and it will not last another year if things continue as they are.

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