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Romance and Bad Leadership
Posted by: Tanoro - Jan 6, 2009 3:25PM

I hope everyone had a great holiday season. Mine was fair enough. I spent my Christmas at Grandma's house. I got $5 from my aunt and 2 anime DVDs from my mother and nothing else. I spent New Year's Eve playing Mabinogi as usual.

I was fortunate enough to meet a very nice girl on Mabinogi. We were married (within the game) just last night and spent our digital honeymoon on the beach. Despite Mabinogi being a fantasy life game, it was romantic nonetheless. Why can't women right here in my town be this sweet and loving? I won't say her real name, but she's a very nice girl. She seems to like the same things I do. She's has a rare mix of fire and shyness, which I find really attractive.

On a separate topic, I just heard some interesting news this morning. The treasurer of our local anime club, whose name I'll keep to myself for privacy's sake, resigned his position for personal reasons. I don't normally make it a habit to criticize others so tactlessly, but I won't miss him. I found him to be an overwhelmingly rude and obnoxious person. The guy frequently practiced public persecution of others and justifying with a zero tolerance for his twisted definition of stupidity. In other words, everyone was stupid except for him and thus subject to persecution at any time. He was among the reasons I resigned my own position in the club and receded to little more than a casual interaction with the anime club and its events. I was also beyond offended by the other officers allowing and even defending his horrible behavior. Oh well, I'm not going to let the bad decisions of a few heavily inexperienced leaders ruin my time in the club. If it gets bad enough, the other members will either disband or call for new officers. I have already observed membership turnout decline and turnover is starting. That's the first step of a club going down, when old members stop coming and new members start showing up for only one or two events.

Incidentally, I was at the meeting when these initial officers were "selected." It was widely agreed upon that the initial officers, myself included, would be elected for 6 months only before permanent officers were elected by membership vote. I raised this to the attention of our vice president back in November because December would've been 6 months. He replied, "Yeah, we're just not gonna do that. It would be too much trouble to keep changing officers every 6 months." So in other words, we're going to make the members sit back and bare with a set of officers who were not elected, but irrationally hand-picked by our founder under less than official means.

Speaking of unofficial stuff, let me mention why I resigned my position. The officers begun banning members from events for not following the rules, something we had previously never done. We didn't have an official set of rules, so I declared this as a turning point where an officially adopted manual of rules and by laws needed to be established so members knew what the rules were and could follow them accordingly. I stood alone in this decision while the other officers replied, "If you need to know the rules, just ask the president." The president, a young and notably disorganized individual, had already demonstrated a lack of willingness to repeatedly recite our rules, which were extremely fluid because of this. Come on, people! Get the rules on paper, because relying on a person to be the reference for by laws is just plain stupid! People forget things! People make mistakes! People bend the rules and lie their arses off to fit their given situation! Yes, our president lady is as capable of these things as the rest of us! When a rule book is in hand ready to be referenced verbatim, these problems go away! Doesn't anyone else understand that?!

I replied that it would look poorly upon the officers if we couldn't personally reference the rules without turning to another. The other officers replied, "We've discussed all the rules before! Weren't you paying attention?!" There's that unwillingness to repeat the rules right there. Who cares if I paid attention? I want a referesher so I don't tell others wrong and I should be entitled to that. They further stated, "If you don't know the rules by now, then you're not contributing enough to our activities." This statement ticked me off. I picked up the phone right there and called the president and told her that I quit. Addressing you club officers, all of you can run that club straight into the ground for all I care. I'm just going to hang around and watch it happen so I'm there to laugh and perhaps pick up the pieces and do it right when it becomes clear to everyone else that you can't.

Here's my final thought for today. "Society becomes unusually more bearable when you can just pull the plug on it."

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